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February 14 - 25

Automating Microscopy Workflows with Axioscan 7

Including automated image analysis software package.

Automate your microscopy workflows with Axioscan 7, a reliable system to digitize your microscope slides at high speeds with outstanding image quality. Axioscan 7 makes microscopy easier for you to meet the increasing demands for productivity.

Axioscan 7 offers you the ability to image your slides in fluorescence, brightfield, and polarization modes with gentle imaging. With a fully motorized condenser, powerful light sources, and fast control of filter wheels, you can digitize your slides at improved speeds reliably. The system also comes with a new sample-preserving Transfer Intensity Equation (TIE) contrast, minimizing photobleaching effects to give you optimal performance in multiplex imaging.

The system is controlled by ZEN Slidescan, a software that allows you to customize your slide scans, giving you the ability to automate your complex imaging tasks. Integrated with sophisticated image analysis platforms such as the AI-powered ZEN Intellesis and ZEN Image Analysis modules, the ZEN Slidescan will enable you to analyze your images seamlessly. In addition, the CZI data format offers ease of compatibility with other third-party analysis tools.

Join us at our upcoming seminar to find out more about:

  • The need for automating microscopy workflows
  • Key features of the updated Axioscan 7 system as a digital scanning solution
  • Digital solutions to perform image analysis

Starting webinar: February 14 10.00h - 11.00h
Demonstrations: February 14 - 25
Location: MBI Microscopy core – level 9

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