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Friday, June 4, 2021

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ZEISS On Your Campus

In collaboration with the University of San Carlos, we are excited to host a ZEISS On Your Campus (ZOYC) on June 4. ZOYC is a free, educational workshop consisting of four masterclasses for scientists and their students who use microscopes.

Visit ZOYC to:

  • Understand the concept of fluorescence imaging, sample staining and some of its applications
  • Learn about the full correlative workflow for SEM for biological samples
  • Discover the ideal Understand the principle, technology and advantage of ZEISS field-free Gemini Column
  • Perform EDS while imaging with AZtecLive

See you there!

Morning session

9AM - 12NN

What you need to know about fluorescence imaging: Concept, Applications and Imaging
Fluorescence microscopy has become essential and widely employed tools to obtain knowledge in Life Sciences. This webinar will discuss the concepts of fluorescence microscopy, sample labelling, and its application briefly. Subsequently, we will focus on the topic of tuning various imaging parameter setting yourself up for successful fluorescence imaging.


BioEM: Sample preparation and correlative microscopy technique
Scanning Electron microcopy is one of the most important imaging technique especially for biological research. Using electron as a light source, high magnification with high resolution images can be revealed, from micro to nano scales such as cell organelles or virus. To achieve the best image quality, every steps in the imaging techniques are very crucial, not only high-quality microscope but also sample preparation techniques. In addition, to capture the essence of biological system, more than one imaging techniques usually be used by the researchers Going from the micro to nano scale can require to correlate light with electron microscopy (CLEM), or X-ray with FIB-SEM (CXF). Correlative microscopy from ZEISS gives you integrated solutions and seamless workflows.

This webinar will introduce the using of scanning electron microscopy technique for biological research, basic sample preparation technique for BioEM. And finally, correlative workflow using ZEN connect, a workflow which link more than one microscopy techniques together.


2PM - 5PM

Sigma 500 FE-SEM

Discover the Sub-nanometer Imaging, Analytics and Sample Flexibility with ZEISS Sigma 500 VP Field Emission SEM
For the research, analysis or physical failure investigation, the microscope with the appropriate resolution is always the key to the data's effectiveness and accuracy. The good microscope should consist of high-resolution imaging with excellent depth of field and contrast, samples flexibility, proper analytical tools furnished and the capability to link up the data from the multiple sources. In ZEISS, we’re provides a complete analytical solution for almost all the applications and investigation, from sub micron to the nm range.

We will deliver to you our latest innovation of ZEISS Sigma 500 VP Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope in this webinar. We will explain to you the principle, advantage,s and applications example of our field-free Gemini column deployed in the systems tailored for excellent resolution on any sample at low accelerating voltages. You will also learn about the possible system feature upgrades such as SmartSEM Touch, 3D Array Tomography, 3DS, etc. That may give you a complete solution and enhance the efficiency of detection and ease of use.

AztecLive with Ultim Max – The revolutionary EDS platform combines unrivalled speed, accuracy, flexibility and power required for more complex applications with confidence and ease of use in routine analysis.

Symmetry S2 - A genuine all-rounder EBSD detector with every base covered enables analysis speeds over 4500 patterns per second (PPS) yet retains the flexibility to characterise even the most challenging samples.

Speakers at the event

Learn from the experts


Dr. Siang Hui Lim

Product & Application Specialist


Dr. Chaiwat Prawettongsopon

Product & Application Specialist


Kasem Bau

Product & Application Specialist


Mun Kit Leong

Oxford Instruments


Benjamin Te

Account Manager

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