ZEISS Microscopy

Webinar: ZEN Connect

Connecting the world of Microscopy

Imagine the possibilities when you can easily combine multiple perspectives of a sample - across scales, across modes of acquisition and across contrast techniques to provide answers to some of the most complicated scientific questions. With ZEN Connect, you can bring a whole portfolio of imaging technologies – ZEISS or non-ZEISS - together. Your multimodal data is automatically relocated and overlaid and then stored in well-organized projects with intuitive image labels. As a result, you gain efficiency and effectiveness with intuitive data management, simplified workflows and limitless navigation.


  • Find out how ZEN Connect helps you to overlay and align all your images for a holistic view of your imaging experiment
  • Use your overview images to navigate your sample easily and capture more detailed information
  • Learn how the ZEN Connect Smart Data Management facilitates your imaging experience, analysis and visualization challenges

Date: Monday, June 1, 2020 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM SGT
Speaker: Philipp Bastians (ZEISS)

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