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Rabbits are awesome

Easter is nearly here! And once again, shops are doing their best to entice us with all things bunny-related. While chocolate rabbits may be a more common sight, sadly some people still consider giving real-life 'Easter' bunnies as gifts.

Rabbits can make wonderful companions. But despite their popularity as pets, there are still many misconceptions about these sensitive animals. Impulse-buys and a lack of understanding about the needs of rabbits sadly can lead to terrible neglect, and shelters and vets dealing with surrendered and 'lost' animals. Creating a kinder world for bunnies begins with public awareness! Learn about the special physical and behavioural needs of these misunderstood animals, and share to help spread the word!

Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 1 PM - 1:30 PM SGT
Speaker: Neil Morrison (ZEISS)

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