ZEISS Virtual Education Package

Let your students access and work with digital microscopy slides

During these special times, a lot of universities are closed and students can't use microscopes in university labs to visualize microscope slides and learn about structural details of cells and tissue. However, teaching must go on and demands for more flexibility.

With ZEISS Virtual Slide Box you are able to make your microscopy sample slides digitally available to your students. They can access your slides from home via their browser or app and annotate and work with them as if they were in the lab.

  • Scanning Service | Get your microscopy slides digitized by us
  • Server Storage | Get your scanned specimens stored on your server
  • Easy Access | Allow your students/peers to access and work with your slides from home via browser or app

Explore it for yourself on our Demo Server. 
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ZEISS ZEN Data Explorer

Here is How it Works

Send us up to 100 sample slides suitable for brightfield microscopy. We will digitize your slides in high quality using the slide scanning microscope ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1. Your virtual slides as well as templates and workflows are stored on your servers using ZEISS ZEN Data Storage. You and your students easily access and work with your virtual slides using the free of charge ZEISS ZEN Data Explorer either via browser or iOS/Android app.

ZEISS ZEN Data Storage

With ZEN Data Storage all your images, templates, forms and reports are accessible in one central database. ZEN Data Storage builds upon your existing server infrastructure and keeps your data in one place, facilitating the implementation of backup and data security plans. ZEN Data Storage brings central server based user management to your university and connects all your students. Efficiently organize your multi-user environment and access roles. Include your external students at home and keep them learning virtually.

ZEISS ZEN Data Explorer

With ZEN Data Explorer you can explore, view, share and work on images stored in ZEN Data Storage. This free of charge image browser allows to view and annotate images. You can get an overview of the images with the gallery view and navigate through single images. It runs as hybrid App on smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) as well on Window PCs. ZEN Data Explorer allows for working with multidimensional images on a server from a remote location and from different platforms.

(User: demo, Password: P@ssw0rd):

ZEISS Virtual Slide Box Workflow

Overview of the Setup

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ZEISS Virtual Education Package

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Make Your Microscopy Slides Digitally Accessible

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