Contact and Optical Sensors

A 360 degree view

Whatever your needs – active or passive, optical or contact, touch-trigger or scanning – the world of sensors from Carl Zeiss offers the solution.

Carl Zeiss IMT Sensors

The product line of Carl Zeiss Metrology – the technology leader – is extremely versatile and includes coordinate measuring machines, sensors, software, technical service, comprehensive customer service and support. Carl Zeiss sets the standard not only for measuring machines, but also for sensors. They meet the increasing expectations on quality and flexibility – for premium measuring performance and peak productivity.


The basis for maximum flexibility


Precision in all probing directions


Precision in all probing directions


Spotlight on two dimensions


Point clouds at the speed of light


Scanning done differently


Scoring points with speed

VAST XT gold

All systems go for active scanning

VAST gold

Peak scanning performance guaranteed

EagleEye navigator

Keen eyes in car body measurement

Stylus racks

MSR, MSR mini, ProMax, ProMax light

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