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ZEISS Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) Training

Enhance your knowledge and technical skills

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) is a crucial skill of specifying engineering design and drawing requirements with respect to actual functions and relationships of part features.

In our fast-paced industries and with the increasing demand for more specifically and economically stated engineering design requirements, today's manufacturing professionals must thoroughly understand this universal engineering language to stay valuable.

Benefits of attending the training:

  • Learn proficiency in reading engineering drawings
  • Understand the latest in metrology techniques
  • Gain basic knowledge of GD&T Symbols meanings and applications
  • Successfully convey design intent, improve quality and reduce costs in design-to-manufacturing process
  • Apply the latest in tolerance management tool

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are looking to improve or start their GD&T knowledge, as well as those who wish to refresh their knowledge alike. Draftspersons, tool designers, technical inspectors, mechanical engineering technicians, and machine shop and tool-room supervisors. If you are a manufacturing and project engineer, quality control team member, engineering manager or supervisor, you will also find this seminar beneficial.

Day 1
  • Introduction + Assessment
  • Basics of Technical Drawings (Overview)
  • Size Tolerancing
  • Basics
    • ASME Specialities (Rule #1)
    • ISO Specialities (Envelope (E) Vs. Independency, Modifiers)
    • ASME/ISO Difference in Drawings
  • Form Tolerancing: Roundness, Cylindricity, Straightness, Flatness
Day 2
  • Orientation Tolerances: Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Angularity
  • Reference Systems
    • Single Datum
    • Datum Systems, DFR
Day 3
  • Location
    • True Position in 2D
    • Datum Shift vs Bonus Tolerance
    • Composite Tolerance
    • Symmetry and Concentricity / Coaxiality
    • ASME/ISO Differences
  • Run out
    • Circular Runout
    • Total Runout
  • Profile
    • Profile of Line
    • Profile of Surface
Day 4
  • CMM Measurement Strategies and Evaluation Methods
  • Form Errors: Roundness, Cylindricity, Straightness, Flatness
  • Directional Errors: Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Angularity
  • Base Systems Reference
Day 5
  • Location Errors
    • Position: Tolerance Zones in CALYPSO
    • Total Runout
  • Runout Errors: Axial Runout, Radial Runout
  • Profiles: Profile of Line, Profile of Surface
Training Schedule
Dates & Time
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM daily

13 - 15 August 2019 (Days 1 - 3 only)

29 July - 2 August 

Thailand, Chonburi
20 - 22 August (Days 1 - 3 only)
25 - 27 September (Days 1 - 3 only)
Venue ZEISS Quality Excellence Centres around Southeast Asia
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