We offer several-day basic, advanced and expert training courses covering our software packages CALYPSO, CALIGO, GEAR PRO etc. Special training courses are available upon request.

Training can take place in the form of virtual, live online trainings (LOTs), or physical trainings, held in our ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers. Trainings can also be tailored according to your machine requirements and sensor configuration (e.g. contact, scanning, optical, laser, CT). Our global training concept ensures standardized content. Customized, on-site training is also available upon request. Contact us today to discuss what type of training best fits your needs.

Please choose your preferred language for trainings.

Training offers:

  • CALYPSO and options (e.g. curve, freeform surfaces, PCM)
  • DMIS engine
  • PiWeb reporting software
  • Master Control Center
  • GEAR PRO and options (e.g. involute, bevel, worm & rotor)
  • iDA offline programming
  • CMM-OS