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Erosion electrodes



  • 90% reduction in machine setup times
  • Increase in aligning accuracy
  • Cost and time savings
  • Increase in machine running times from around 2,000 to 6,000 hours per machine a year
  • Unmanned production: practically no manual activities in production - for increased global competitiveness!
  • Enables 24/7 production

Preset electrodes and workpieces quickly

The ZEISS CALYPSO module PRESET allows you to preset your electrodes and workpieces reliably. You will benefit not only from shorter machine setup times, but also from greater accuracy. From manual pallet placement right up to the fully automated process control system, the PRESET erosion module lets you measure offset and rotation when exchanging erosion electrodes in a matter of minutes.

PRESET offers a collection of all standard measurement plans. The graphic user guidance helps you configure the measuring run. CNC extensions are available for square and round basic geometries.

What PRESET can do

PRESET is used to preset and check the quality of electrodes and workpieces. First of all, the zero point is set on the clamping system. You can then select a macro and probe the electrode as well as the workpiece. You can generate your own macros in the macro library without difficulty. In the following step a file featuring the offset data is available, which can then be either directly exported or transferred to job manager software.

The job manager software initiates the measurement, receives the offset data and sends the data to the production systems. PRESET is compatible with job manager software from Zimmer & Kreim, System 3R, Röders and CERTA, among others. In addition, PRESET can read in all standard CAD formats.

Either select an existing macro or generate your own macros in the macro library to preset your electrodes and workpieces.
Either select an existing macro or generate your own macros in the macro library to preset your electrodes and workpieces.

Export of offset data: supports all relevant manufacturer-specific formats

AEG, AEG Elotherm, AGIE Data Catalogue, AGIE Vision, CERTA (Zwicker), Charmilles, Digma, DMG MORI, Erowa, Exeron, FEHLMANN VERSA 825, Hansen, Hermle, Ingersoll, Micron, Maegerle Fixture, Maegerle Grinding, Makino, Maho-Hansen, Mazak Mazatrol Matrix Nexus 2, Mitsubishi, ROBOCUT a-CiA series, Röders, SGL, Sodick, System 3R, Walter, Zimmer & Kreim

Is the format you need not included? Then simply send us the following information:

  • What job manager software do you want to connect?
  • What measuring machine and what CAD format do you use