The easy way to get from the drawing to the measurement ZEISS CALYPSO Options
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Create measurement plans offline


With ZEISS CALYPSO planner, you can create complete CNC measurement plans at a remote computer station.The benefit: your measuring machine is not blocked by PLANNER and can continue to be used for additional measurements.

PLANNER saves the finished measuring program. This can then be accessed and executed again with ZEISS CALYPSO at any time. Thus the measuring capacity is maintained.

Simulate measurement runs remotely

You have many different possibilities with ZEISS CALYPSO simulation: for example, you can configure the required stylus systems using the integrated virtual stylus kit. Fixtures and entire changer racks can also be loaded and integrated into the simulation.

The automatically generated travel paths can thus be inspected and possible collisions can be quickly and easily corrected. Even if a collision occurs during the simulation, you benefit from the OFFLINE station by saving significant costs.

Simulation of a measuring run with ZEISS CALYPSO
Simulation of a measuring run with the ZEISS CALYPSO planner and simulation options.