ZEISS Medical Technology Southeast Asia: Videos

Our aim is contributing to progress in medical technology and helping healthcare professionals all over the world to improve their patients' quality of life. With a special focus on ophthalmology, ophthalmic surgery and visualization systems in the field of microsurgery, the Carl Zeiss Meditec Group supports healthcare professionals in setting new standards of care with proven medical technology and broad application competence based on cutting-edge innovations.

They say that seeing is believing, sometimes a short video can give you more information than pages of text. We have collected our best and most popular videos applying to Southeast Asia here for your viewing pleasure.

New Products & Solutions Videos


Southeast Asia Launch in Singapore


Southeast Asia Launch, Prof. Karl-Michael Schebesch, University Regensburg Medical Center, Germany


First Impressions in Surgeon-Controlled Robotics

Ophthalmology and Optometry

  • Glaucoma

    21st Century Glaucoma Management

    Dr. Nathan Radcliffe, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, USA

    Highlights of the first AngioPlex User Group Meeting

    OCT Angiography by ZEISS, 2016 in Barcelona
  • Retina


    What's New in OCT for Retina

    ZEISS Retina Workplace Demo Video

  • Cornea & Refractive

    SMILE refractive surgery

    F. De Wilde, P. Oksman and J. Fernández report on their experiences

    Patient comfort with the ZEISS VisuMax

    J. Christenbury, MD, Christenbury Eye Institute Charlotte, USA

    Cutting edge technology - ZEISS VisuMax and MEL 80

    Sonia Yoo, MD, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, USA

    Shaping the future of refractive surgery with ZEISS

    John Doane, MD, Discover Vision Centers, Kansas City, USA

    My personal experience working with the ZEISS refractive laser platform

    John G. Dishler, MD, Dishler Laser Institute, Denver, USA
  • Essential Line - Basic Diagnostic

    Essential Line from ZEISS

    Simplicity in basic diagnostics
  • Cataract

    ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless

    ZEISS IOLMaster 700 Interview

    Prof. Oliver Findl, Vienna Institut for Reserach in Ocular Surgery, Vienna, Austria

    ZEISS IOLMaster 700 Interview

    Prof. Walter Sekundo, Philipps University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany
  • Eye Care Data Management

    ZEISS FORUM Testimonials

    Promoting excellence in eye care data management


    Streamline your AMD diagnostic workflow


  • Neurosurgery

    Patient Video with Dr. Michael Lawton

    Right Frontal Craniotomy for Resection of Arteriovenous Malformation

    Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol, Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Indianapolis, USA

    Craniotomy for Bypass

    Dr. Michael T. Lawton, University of California, San Francisco, USA

    Midline Craniotomy for Resection of Cavernous Malformation

    Dr. Robert F. Spetzler, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, USA
  • Spine Surgery

    Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

    Dr. Tetsuya Urasaki, Chutoen Hospital, Kakegawa, Japan

    Left Mini-Pterional Approach for Clipping an Aneurysm

    Dr. Peter Nakaji, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, USA

    Two-Three Laminoplasty for Tumor

    Dr. Robert F. Spetzler, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, USA

    Large Intra-medullary Spinal Cord Tumors: Techniques to Maximize Safety and Extent of Resection

    Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol, Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Indianapolis, USA
  • ENT

    Coming soon!

  • Intraoperative Fluorescence

    Intraoperative Fluorescence from ZEISS

    Testimonial from M.D. Christian Schichor, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

    Intraoperative Fluorescence from ZEISS



    Customer Report from Prof. Dr. Alexander Brawanski, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany


    Customer Report from M.D. Karl-Michael Schebesch, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany
  • Dentistry

    Coming soon!

  • P&R Surgery


    Experiences from Dr. Guido Giacalone


    Experiences from Prof. Jian Farhadi

    Indocyanine-green Videoangiography in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

    End-to-end LVA with invagination technique for reconstruction of secondary arm lymphedema

    Prof. Dr. Dietmar Ulrich, University Clinic, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Oncology

    Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) during Breast-conserving Surgery (BCS)

    Dr. med. Hans-Christian Kolberg, Marienhospital, Bottrop, Germany

    IORT webinar "The TARGIT-A trial"

    Prof. Jayant Vaidya, University College London, UK

Additional Medical Technology videos can be found on the ZEISS Medical Technology (international) YouTube channel.