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AxioVision LE Digital Imaging Software

Download links & installation instructions

Free of Charge Software Download: ZEN lite 2011

For installation, please download the respective executable
for your operating system and run the setup program.

Freeware version of our software for digital image processing and interactive measurement.
AxioVision LE  - 32 BIT version
AxioVision LE  - 64 BIT version
Via FTP-Protocol

AxioVision LE 4.8.2 SP3 (276 MB)
Users Guide (31.9 MB)

Via FTP-Protocol

Axiovisionle_se64_491 SP1 (271 MB)
Users Guide (30.5 MB)

Via HTTP-Protocol

AxioVision LE 4.8.2 SP3 (276MB)
Users Guide (31.9 MB)

Via HTTP-Protocol

Axiovisionle_se64_491 SP1 (271 MB)
Users Guide (30.5 MB)

Please consider: Administrator or Power User Rights are required for operating AxioVision LE.

If you are already using KS or AxioVision software that is older than AxioVision Release 4.6 on your computer, please follow the instructions during the installation procedure. In this case, an update of the current product version of AxioVision and KS is required. Therefore, make sure that you use the latest Product CD. Please contact your local sales representative if you have further questions.

Working with images and AxioVision LE you are able to

Acquire Images can be acquired with any common camera with TWAIN driver
Display Open and compare up to 21 different image file formats including multidimensional ZVI-images
Edit Adjust display curve, brightness/contrast and color balance
Measure Acquire length, contour and angle of microscopical structures. Export the results to other programs
Annotate Apply comments and scale bars to your image
Print/Export Print directly from AxioVision LE or export your image to various other file formats

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