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SURFCOM 5000 is the flagship in contour and surface measuring technology from Carl ZEISS and sets the benchmark.

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Exact, universal and dynamic – SURFCOM 5000 is the flagship for contour and surface measuring technology from Carl Zeiss and is the benchmark for accuracy and speed. SURFCOM 5000 impresses with its outstanding ratio of resolution to measuring range: 42 million to 1. This enables measurement in one run of the slightest surface roughness and contours over a very large measuring range. Unlike competitor systems, SURFCOM 5000 uses a highly accurate helium-neon laser as its measuring standard instead of a glass scale system. The benefits are obvious: extreme resolution of 0.31 nanometers and highly stable measurement results throughout the measuring range. SURFCOM 5000 is equipped with a 200 mm tracing driver with a linear drive. Linear drives are much faster and exhibit less vibrations than traditional spindle drives. SURFCOM 500 achieves the best residual value (Rz 0) in its class of less than 10 nanometers. This enables effective measurements of parts with narrow tolerances. The tracing driver is CNC-capable and can be tilted 45 degrees. Combined with the optional CNC modules, SURFCOM 5000 is the ideal system for fully automatic contour and surface measurements. The high speed (up to 200 mm/s) reduces the measuring time and increases possible throughput.


  • Measure roughness and contour in a single run
  • Minimal measurement error (µm): 0.2+ L/1000
  • Laser interferometer as measuring system for maximum accuracy
  • Extreme resolution of 0.31 nanometers
  • Residual value Rz0 better than 10 nanometers
  • More exact and universal thanks to outstanding ratio of the measuring range to resolution: 42 million to 1
  • High positioning speed up to 200 mm/s
  • 200 mm tracer driver powered by patented non-contact linear drive
  • Tracer driver straightness error: 0.11 µm (200 mm)
  • X axis display error (µm): 0.2+ L/1000
  • Higher flexibility through CNC swiveling tracer driver, +/- 45 degrees
  • Long insertion depths to reach deep-laying features thanks to cylindrical probing system
  • Higher productivity thanks to fully automatic measurements resulting from optional ZEISS CNC kit
  • Optional topography measurement
  • Inline capable, space-saving DX and FX base with integrated active vibration damping


SURFCOM 5000 flexes its muscles where accuracy and throughput are vital: in the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries. For example, it is ideal for lenses, precise bearings and drive spindles, rails, injectors, implants and precise milled, ground, honed and lapped parts.

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