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Highly accurate measurements

Powered by a new hybrid sensor. The dual sensor technology combines the benefits of two measuring systems into a single sensor.

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SURFCOM NEX is powered by a new hybrid sensor. The dual sensor technology combines the benefits of two measuring systems into a single sensor. Contours are measured using a linear scale system. This highly accurate system delivers linear measured values with good resolution over a very large range. The one nanometer, high-resolution inductive system measures surface parameters. Parts can therefore be optimally and effectively measured in one measuring run without the common manual sensor change-out. The new hybrid sensor and high straightness accuracy of the linear tracing driver enabled a reduction of the measurement uncertainty by half compared to other systems. The low measurement uncertainty means that more tolerance is available to production – which in turn results in lower overall costs.


  • Measure roughness and contour in a single run
  • Measurement error (µm): +- 1.0+ (L/100)
  • Increased measuring productivity and accuracy thanks to high-resolution dual sensor technology
  • Up to 7 times faster thanks to patented non-contact linear drive
  • Straightness error of tracer driver (µm): 0.05+ L/1000
  • Futureproof thanks to multisensor capability (optical and contact sensors)
  • Higher productivity thanks to fully automatic measurements resulting from optional ZEISS CNC kit
  • Optional topography measurements (optical or contact)
  • Integrated desk furniture
  • Inline capable, space-saving DX and FX base with integrated active vibration damping


SURFCOM NEX is ideal for the measurement of rails, nozzles, injectors, punching tools, hydraulic components, ball screws, medical instruments and implants, ground parts, tools. Precision parts in the mechanical engineering, tool-making, medical technology and automotive industries.


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