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the Solution that Grows with You

Are performance and precision your top priorities? With its wide range of configurations, ZEISS ACCURA can be tailored to your needs – and budget. Furthermore, the modular design makes the system futureproof: ACCURA can be modified to meet changing requirements on the configuration, sensors and software.


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length measurement error E0

from 1.2 + L/350 μm

Measuring range

  X Y
9/12/8 900 1,200 800
9/16/8 900 1,600 800
12/18/8 1,200 1,800 800
12/24/8 1,200 2,400 800
12/18/10 1,200 1,800 1,000
12/24/10 1,200 2,400 1,000
12/30/10 1,200 3,000 1,000
12/42/10 1,200 4,200 1,000
16/24/10 1,600 2,400 1,000
16/30/10 1,600 3,000 1,000
16/42/10 1,600 4,200 1,000
16/24/15 1,600 2,400 1,500
16/30/15 1,600 3,000 1,500
16/42/15 1,600 4,200 1,500
20/24/10 2,000 2,400 1,000
20/30/10 2,000 3,000 1,000
20/42/10 2,000 4,200 1,000
20/24/15 2,000 2,400 1,500
20/30/15 2,000 3,000 1,500
20/42/15 2,000 4,200 1,500


Thanks to its modular design, ZEISS ACCURA is ready to meet the demands of the future. It grows with your requirements on equipment, sensors and software. Pre-wiring for contact and optical sensors, as well as scanning, makes ZEISS ACCURA immediately multisensor capable.

Low weight, high dynamics

Made of steel and aluminum, the ZEISS ACCURA bridge is extremely rigid, yet slim. The aluminum elements are coated with CARAT technology from ZEISS to improve temperature stability and service life. The reduced weight of the moving parts improves the dynamic rigidity of the machine.

Temperature range of 20ºC to 26ºC

The ZEISS ACCURA bridge is covered with Foam Insulating Technology, a new type of high-performance insulation. The housing covers ensure maximum insulation and minimal thickness. This enables the operator to select a measuring lab temperature between 20ºC and 26ºC.

Maintenance-friendly design

All housing panels of the bridge can be removed and remounted in only a few steps. This reduces the time needed for maintenance and increases machine availability.

Accuracy into the corners

Every size of the ZEISS ACCURA comes with a maximized measuring range. This guarantees measuring accuracy into the corners.

VAST navigator

ZEISS ACCURA comes standard with VAST navigator technology to enable even faster calibration, approach and scanning, as well as improved precision.

Optional High-dynamic Package

The High-dynamic Package turns ZEISS ACCURA into a high-speed measuring machine. It permits travel speed of up to 800 mm/s. Due to the high speed, the measuring area of the machine requires added protection. Laser scanners monitor the protection zone around the machine. If anyone enters the safety zone, ZEISS ACCURA immediately slows down. High-speed measuring operations are automatically restarted once the zone is cleared. This safety technology is included with the High-dynamic Package.


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