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Maximum Dynamic and Precision

More powerful, faster and more accurate – the CSC sensor establishes a new standard for continuous articulating units and is thus ideal for the volume measurement demands of complex car body parts.

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Product Overview

Optical and contact sensors must be optimally positioned for the volume measurement of complex car body parts if they are also to measure difficult to reach points in the part interior. Long extensions are often required. It is exactly here that the CSC opens up opportunities that have been unavailable until now: this is due to the significant torque reserves combined with maximum resolution and precision.

In order to optimally control processes in car body construction, the results of the measurement must be available as quickly as possible. The high dynamic of the CSC considerably reduces the measuring time – without sacrificing safety. An in-house safety concept enables the integration of a collision-protected bearing for the sensor plate in addition to the known collision protection for the articulating unit. This reliably prevents sensor damage in the event of a collision with the part.

Another benefit of the CSC is the completely re-engineered stylus changer. As with the RDS stepping, articulating unit, the changer is now completely passive. Therefore, compressed air is no longer required on the measuring machine, which also means cost savings for the user. The changer can be positioned as needed because it also works without electrical connections.



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