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Sonnar T* 4/150 CFi

 Sonnar T* 4/150 CFi

Sonnar T* 4/150 CFi

The classic portrait lens

  • Probably the most popular lens for superior, professional portrait photography – in the studio or out and about
  • Compact, lightweight, low distortion telephoto lens, relatively high speed
  • ideal for classic portraits, travel, landscapes, fashion, either handheld or with a tripod

The Sonnar® T* 4/150 CFi lens has been the classical portrait lens in the Hasselblad system. With a focal length approximately twice the image frame diagonal the Sonnar T* 4/150 CFi lens delivers the ideal perspective for classic head and shoulder portraits. The built-in Prontor shutter allows for flash synchronisation up to 1/500 s providing the photographer with the freedom to balance flash and ambient light very creatively.

The Sonnar T* 4/150 CFi lens is very compact and, together with a Hasselblad camera body, it makes for a unit that can be easily used for handheld photography. On the other hand the Sonnar T* 4/150 CFi lens offers an optical performance so high, that its sharpness can be fully exploited only with a very good tripod.

Focal length 151.5 mm
Aperture range f/4.0 - f/32
Angular field (hor./vert./diag.) 21°/21°/29°
Focusing range (from film plane) 1.4 m - ∞
Working range (from front end) 1.2 m
Number of elements/groups 5/3
Image ratio at closest range 1 : 7.1
Negative-size 55 x 55 mm
Coverage at close range 389 mm x 389 mm
Camera mount CFi
Filter connection bayonett, series 60
Dimensions Ø 80.5 mm, length 83.4 mm
Weight 850 g

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